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From shaved ice and cotton candy to BBQ, concession trailers are a very viable alternative to food trucks for any kind of product. When you’re looking to get one custom built for you, you’ve come to the right place.

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Food trucks are a quicker return on investment then brick-and-mortar restaurants, and trailers can amp that up even further.

Similarly equipped and finished to the same standard, a trailer is about 30% less than an equivalent food truck. Not to mention the insurance and engine maintenance you’ll save over the long run.

But since you’re going custom, price is not everything you are after. A food truck can be extended, but there are limits. Trailers suffer no such pedestrian concerns. Although we have trailers available as small as 7ft, if you have a trucking license and you want to haul 50ft of glorious BBQ then that’s perfectly fine too.

LED displays, custom vinyl signage, or slick colored stainless steel – you are the boss.


  • Road legal
  • Pass inspection or money back
  • Delivered to your doorstep
  • DOT Compliant
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Small concession trailers are a great way to start out in the mobile vending business. We all have to start somewhere and many great businesses have humble origins. If you are completely new to mobile vending, there is a lot to be said for starting on a budget even if you could afford a bigger unit from the outset.

Both customers and others in the trade will respect the hustle, and you will learn a lot in your first years of vending – lessons you can take to your next build that would be more expensive if you had started out larger. Small food trailers will get you where you need to go until you have made enough to upgrade.

Just because you are on a budget does not mean you do not have options though; there are several models in a starter price range.

All models, including our budget options, are DMV and EU (MOT, TÜV, RDW) road ready legal trailers, with certified electric and plumbing installed, ready to pass inspection.

Add to that our translucently transparent pricing and you’ve got yourself the best value starter-deal out there on the market.

Choose from the popular roundtop trailers, classic concession trailers, converted vintage caravans, horse box conversions and more.

  • Small, Cheap and Easy


    You’ve seen them everywhere but now you can get the best there are.

  • Horsebox kitchen trailer / concession trailer


    A popular model in the UK, the horsebox gives off a certain flair and style and is based on an absurdly rugged dual axle chassis that will last years.

  • Caravan Conversion


    Cute, convenient, and surprisingly roomy = a remodeled caravan is a popular DIY food truck. 

    We turn it up a notch and build custom concession trailers in vintage caravan style.




If you are patient and have been eyeing Ebay, Craiglist, and the Webstaurantstore for deals and kept some equipment over the years, you may have built up a nice collection of equipment at bargain rates.

Add to that knowing or being a bit of a handyman and you can install most items in the kitchen trailer yourself. Just leave the electrics and fire suppression to a professional to prevent any certification and license issues and you’re good.

Bare trailers come in any size, but we have a standard price list for 6 x 7 ft, 7 x 12 ft, 8x 16 or 8 x 20 ft.

Prices start from $15k – that includes the trailer, electric wiring, a single service window, exhaust on top, and essential plumbing but nothing else – we can leave that to you or quote you what the extra work will run.

Of course they also come as a porch trailer. Check out our concepts here!

American Concession Trailer




With a porch out front and extra ventilation, BBQ concession trailers require a little bit more thought put into their structural design and load balancing than most other units. Putting the unit up front on the porch is not strictly necessary. It is possible to build trailers with sufficient ventilation that the BBQ units can be kept inside.

But then you’d miss out on that enormous free advertising your BBQ provides, and the ability to waft some smoke and attract customers far and wide. So unless your city requires a closed unit, never do that! All types of BBQ can be done from a trailer, whether you are low and slow roasting brisket or quickly grilling shish-kebabs over hot coals. Our standard BBQ configuration assumes that you’ll be doing the faster kind of Texas-Mexican style preparations, so be sure to request we modify that if fast is just not your kind of BBQ.



Closely related, but not identical to a BBQ Concession Trailer. There is a large offering and realm of possibilities in smokers. If you had any ideas about running your concession with one of those simple trailer-smoker units, forget it. Those small or traditional smokers are only fit for backyards and smaller party and event catering gigs.

You are going to need to break out the big guns and get smoke stacks going. Put an iconic smoker out in front on the porch and equip the inside with your prep kitchen and automatic Bradley smokers for full on production, allowing you to operate the trailer with fewer and less trained employees. We recommend a minimum of 7 or 8 by 16 for a smoker concession trailer.



The cutest, cube-y-est, and iconic New York street cart. Smaller 6 x 7 trailers are fine for hot dogs, being an essentially small item with little prep that make running your concession with a cart a real possibility. There’s still advantages to the trailer though like not getting wet in the rain or freezing outside as the operator, and the ability to customize the looks to a greater level with a full vinyl wrap or eye-catching colors of the stainless steel or fiberglass bodywork.

Having more storage space than a cart also allows you to do mild variations more easily such as putting in a hot plate or grilling bratwurst, and it will take longer before you run out of supplies on a busy day.



Coffee trailers showcase the diversity of the industry and products in a beautiful way. Prices range from upwards of $100k for an authentic 50’s sit-down diner experience in a vintage Airstream, to as low as $15k for a modest 6 x 7 design meant to sell fast takeaway coffee on street corners.

And then there’s everything in between. Get a slightly larger trailer in the 16-22 foot range and your options expand greatly. Be a hipster and include the roaster right on your rig, with a smell that draws the crowd. Making use of the extra space will easily allow you to upsell to coffee and waffles, pancakes, donuts, croissants, or other pastries.

Upsells aren’t must sells though so go for full coffee and only coffee if you have that expert barista flair and array a collection of impressive Italian designer espresso machines on your back counter.

Also, don’t be afraid to reach out to your favorite coffee brand. Chances are they’re more than willing to sponsor or at least pre-finance some of your equipment and inventory. Don’t know or have one? We do, and they’re always looking to sell more coffee through great potential vendors like you.



Different from a coffee trailer in the primacy of having that golden halo served straight from your service window, freshly made and fried – and not purchased as an already made product.

Or for more economical options there are great machines that can restore taste to a frozen donut too – who are we to judge?

We include in our 8 x 16 ft donut concession trailer essential standard equipment like a large mixer, glazing and sugaring table, dough depositor and donut fryer. Assuming you’ll want to serve coffee as well we include a 19 gallons/hour restaurant quality coffee drip-brew as well.

All this gear lets you work the concession with one less employee and the floor plan is designed for quality at speed.



Shaved ice is an American classic with several strong brands and franchising options in the food truck space.

Very low in calories and a brilliant kid favorite, with their extremely low purchase food cost and unlimited shelf life for the inventory the snow cone concession trailer offers one of if not the most economical option for anyone starting out. Get the branding and the sales right, your name out there and you have a very risk proof business.

Our Snow Cone Concession trailer assumes a small model and we have a preconfigured roundtop or American Concession Trailer ready for you.



Scoop or soft-serve, there’s no variety of ice cream that does not have a successful concession stand with it operating somewhere.

For truly mobile vending a self-propelled unit in the form of an ice cream truck, with a classic jingle to get the neighborhood to come running, might be a better option than a trailer, but an ice cream concession trailer offers a great value options for more fixed locations, food truck parks and catered events.



Keeping the dough refrigerated and having enough storage for all the ingredients and disposables, with a well-designed floor plan that allows staff to move about without getting in each others way is a given and our 8 x 20 Pizza Concession Trailer does just that.

But what’s a pizza concession trailer without a pizza oven? This piece of equipment will make or break your truck. There’s a lot of different options and they have a big effect on your business. Read our in-depth pizza oven guide here.

An authentic wood fired brick-concrete unit with artful decorative tiling makes a statement of you’re the real deal, with quality and craftsmanship dripping from the trailer like molten cheese. But it is not as efficient as a commercial pizza oven with a layered set up. If your concession is at a big sports venue where speed is essential, it makes more sense to go for the commercial option.

We offer two configurations for either kind of style and oven in the 8 x 20 model. Get in touch and we’ll send you both, and reach out to talk through your business model and options.



From equipment to full on concepts, Karpatia will set you up for success from the start. Allowing you to work your concession and not work on your trailer.

We provide innovative and high quality manufacturing solutions with a focus on added value. Not only that, our after service and warranties are first rate.

extra services

  • pre-configured

    It might be your first concession trailer – it’s not ours.

    From coffee trailers with a sit-in dining section to massive event catering units with row after row of deep fryers, we have a basic plan to get you rolling quicker. 

  • financing

    No cash, no problem! Get pre-qualified by our finance partners or see if we can negotiate a more affordable loan option through our factory financing. If you can put up a deposit or trade in your old model, that’s even better!

    Financing is possible for both new and used models.

  • website included

    Starting a new business or doing a major upgrade?

    We include our deluxe Food Truck Website package with any purchase of a concession trailer, allowing you to shine as brightly online as offline.

    Learn more about our website package by clicking below!

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For more information about concession trailers or to request a free quote, call us anytime at 404-999-1864 or fill out the form on our contact page.

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If you are ordering a stock or pre-owned trailer we can deliver very fast.

When ordering a new build, quality takes time and delivery is likely at least 40 days out from ordering. A shop promising to do it in less time would be one we highly distrust.

That will depend entirely on your product and other concession specific aspects of your business. We’ll recommend larger trailers for pizza than hot dogs, for example.

We will make a professional CAD drawing for you during the order process. Getting started, just use pen and paper and send us a picture to get the idea.

As stated above our minimum price is $15k, but prices go up to $150k or more for Airstream concession trailers or exceptionally large and well-equipped BBQ units.

Yes, we have a partner network of finance companies we work with. If they approve we can get you financed.

Yes, we have a used listings page.

We help you figure that out. If you know anyone else in the business, maybe one or two states over, that has the same product range you should definitely ask them too.


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