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In the delivery and ghost kitchen gold rush, Karpatia sells your pickaxe. Whether you are looking to mine delivery areas further afield or already staked a claim to a great location and are just looking for the right equipment, we’ve got you covered.

Karpatia has decades of experience producing kitchens to fit. Launch or scale your business efficiently using our experience and quality products.

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Delivery is taking the world by storm and growing in double digits year after year. It is a trend fueled by consumers and mega-platforms like Uber Eats and Grubhub.

Whether you are new to the business or a seasoned restaurateur trying out a new concept, delivery-only provides a great way to test your idea. Several key benefits are:

  • Lower up front costs – from hundreds of thousands down to tens of thousands
  • Lower operating expenses – no front of house staff, fewer back of house
  • Lower rent – prime foot traffic costs prime rents, delivery can be from anywhere
  • Fewer strings attached – no multi year lease, no strangling contracts with brewers
  • Custom specs are easier – less spent on contractors, more money for equipment

All you need is our unit, a location to put it down, and the A-OK from the city. Then once that first platform order comes through you’re good to go.

Try out concepts, areas, products, and more for far lower costs. See if the next town over is as hot for your wings before committing to launching a sit-down, or just stick with delivery-only and scale at speeds unseen in food service.


A growing consensus in the distinction of a virtual kitchen vs. a dark or ghost kitchen is that virtual kitchens refer to delivery-and-takeaway units operated by restaurants that do also have an actual physical sit-down restaurant.

Most of the advantages for you are identical to that of a ghost kitchen delivery-only concept. These include much lower costs, flexibility, and super fast experimentation, but there’s a bit more in it for you:

You know you have customers and who they are, making placement in the right delivery zone easier
As a (local) brand, you will get more delivery traction faster as people recognize your restaurant name on the apps
Our units can double as an efficient, low cost production or storage unit for your other outlets or restaurant(s)
You’ll have the upside of using delivery for warming up an area to launch a sit-down

Don’t forget the concept of delivery combined with takeaway. After all, Domino’s has grown huge on the back of it. Virtual kitchens are an awesome solution to be present in all of the relevant delivery zones of an app. Those zones are based on the time from restaurant to address and using virtual kitchens, you can extend delivery to those affluent or densely packed neighborhoods that are just out of reach at the moment.

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are you a ghost kitchen startup? We'll happily replace this stockies of stock images with your logo if you refer to this page or buy our kitchens.


Delivery through ghost kitchens is an extremely challenging business model for startups.

You have to nail and hit more than a few key value drivers out of the park to even stand a chance at being that winner-takes-all bet. From attracting customers with your digital-only food and executing the operations to building and managing the network of locations. That’s not even including the challenges all startups have, like building a team and raising capital.

The sourcing, equipment, and layout of a kitchen should be an afterthought and cause you the least of your worries so you can focus on that upside. We know production units like the back of our hand. Let us know your brands and their food types and we’ll propose the perfect configuration, get it delivered on time, and within budget.

Switching up your concepts or having a revolving door of tenants will happen as restaurants fail to gain traction all the time. When it happens, you can count on us to change the floor plan and equipment as fast as necessary.


As a developer or landlord you likely have some prime space allotted to restaurants. Are they still paying their rents post COVID-19? With one or more self-contained kitchen units on the property, your pool of possible tenants and risk diversification increases significantly.

Everyone in the delivery business is always looking for great locations. If you own or operate a mall, construction market, or grocery chain it is very likely you are in a great spot to place a unit.



While the terms “ghost kitchen”, “virtual kitchen” and “dark kitchen” are new, driven by the delivery-only expansion boom and the success of platforms such as Grubhub and Takeaway, fitting a fully equipped, operational, and compliant restaurant quality kitchen into a 40ft shipping container or on the back of a trailer is not new for us at all.

Neither is rapidly (re-)deploying, scaling, and iterating them.

From fires to more cheerful reasons, such as large scale public events and build sites without the necessary infrastructure nearby or temporary closures for renovation, we’ve used kitchen containers to produce both high class event catering units and fast food restaurants.

For more information about ghost kitchens or to request a free quote, call us anytime at 404-999-1864 or fill out the form on our contact page.

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Depending on your location, volume, and specific requirements an order can take months to under 24 hours. We realize this information is extremely unhelpful, but really do need all the specifics of your situation to offer a reliable answer.

Yes. Ghost kitchens are entirely self contained units that can be fitted with all the equipment of a restaurant, from high-end combi-steamer ovens to pizza walls and industrial deep fryers.

No, probably not. Your city will have zoning laws and other onerous limitations placed on entrepreneurship. You must check with the local council whether it is allowed before signing any rental agreements.

Yes, we will deliver it right up to your desired delivery location in under 72 hours after completion of the build.

Yes, we ship to the USA. It is our biggest export market and we build up to any county and state code 100% guaranteed or money back.

Many of our core customers are value oriented, small business owners in emerging economies, just like us. But EU standards are EU standards, no matter the member state. For any meaningful export revenue, we must build to these standards. This ensures a quality level other manufacturers do not have to and can not match.

As such we have a network and knack for producing very high quality units for democratic prices.

Now thanks to the magic of international shipping, you too can enjoy these prices.

No, with Karpatia you get to make all the decisions. We just make the best price to value ghost kitchens there are – it’s up to you to find the locations to place them and your delivery partners. Other providers do tie you to a specific platform – we do not.

No, Karpatia only makes the kitchen units. Although we can and will refer you if the option is available, you will in principle have to find a location on your own.


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