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A good horsebox conversion is not a trailer to easily say “neigh” to. Horse trailers are rugged and sport both a dual axle and a braked trailer system which is unusual for any other trailer their size and weight. This makes for smooth and easy towing on a stable (no pun intended) trailer chassis.

Horsebox Conversion Trailer Bar Crepes Food TrailerHorsebox conversion horse bar trailer insidehorsebox conversion , horse box barHorsebox Conversion Trailer Bar Food Trailer


Designed and built to keep a prize horse or beloved four-legged friend safe and warm, not for transporting livestock, most horseboxes were used by enthusiasts and taken care of with love. This means there is very little wear and tear that is not purely cosmetic, making them a great base for catering trailer conversions that will last you years.

While no catering trailer will ever be more practical than a standard, rectangular concession trailer custom-built to order, a horsebox conversion offers something different: style!

Horsebox conversions offer a uniquely more classy model than rectangular concession trailers, with their style and design giving off a quirky, vintage, or retro charm. Even for new units! This gives a novelty factor to your food truck or catering operation, much like an Airstream conversion would, except the horse trailers can be converted for but a fraction of the cost. Having this novelty appeal is a great draw for crowds at events and festivals, and for being spotted on a booking website for private and corporate functions.

Measuring 11 by 5 in most instances, the horsebox is not a big trailer, so we would not recommend using it for a BBQ concept. There are many other uses though, with a horsebox conversion being greatly popular as a mobile bar for cocktails, wine, or even beer and prosecco with taps installed. Of course, you can also just repurpose them as a general-use horsebox catering trailer conversion.

Check out all the options on this page, or, if you already know what you want, jump straight to requesting a quote.


  • Horsebox Conversion Trailer Bar Food Trailer


    All-purpose horsebox catering trailer conversions are a great price to value unit for small trailers.

  • Horsebox Conversion Trailer Bar Food Trailer


    Weddings, corporate events, golf course catering and more – the horse box bar is a popular and welcome sight at many different functions.

  • horsebox conversion , horse box bar

    modern trucks

    Other ideas? We are open to design and build any custom conversion you have in mind.



The UK has an enormous equestrian tradition and a great love of horses. It is evident from riding schools and the many Olympic medals in Dressage to the simple fact that “The Races” refers to nothing other than horse racing, and you would never need to specify that.

This had lead to a glut of horse trailers widely available and well-maintained at bargain prices, and as a result, most of our horsebox catering trailer conversions that are not built from scratch come from original UK horseboxes or occasionally Dutch or Belgian units.

Karpatia can source your horsebox for you, or you can do this yourself, and only contract us for the conversion. With prices starting out at $25k (€23k, £20k) they are an absolute bargain for a great quality trailer bed, braked trailer, and a dual axle setup.

Included in the conversion price are custom stainless steel work surfaces, basic cooking equipment, and custom cabinetry offering plenty of storage for dry goods.

Horsebox conversion horse bar trailer inside


As 11×5 ft is not the most spacious concession trailer but it is more than ample square footage and storage for a good bar – be it cocktails, wine, or beer. You can serve from the bottle or we can kit out your horse trailer bar with a full beer tap system.

Which is not even restricted to beer! It just as easily holds prosecco or cider on tap. An advantage hidden in plain sight is that the older rice horseboxes make it very easy to add a second service counter on the diagonal of the front, or use this side of the trailer to split the cash register and bar to optimize your serving speed and flow.

You can and will be the life of the party and can certainly also expect to be popular for corporate events held out in the country. As a restaurant or vineyard owner, the horsebox bar can be a very cost effective solution to create an extra bar outside.

Horsebox Conversion Trailer Bar Food Trailer


Most horse trailer conversion will use a Rice(-style) trailer as the basis, given the cute paneling and retro/vintage look, which fits right in with what customers tend to want out of their trailer’s design. However, nobody is stopping you or us from doing any other kind of horsebox conversion, custom fit to your business needs.

You can go modern with an aerodynamic polyurethane front that will outlast any wood or metal trailer, or go big and convert a two or even four horse larger trailers that has a sleeping area.

As these units are seen internationally as “British” they can be a great on-brand option to convert if you are considering doing UK cuisine outside of the isles, like Fish & Chips, Sunday Roast, British pub food, pies, or stews.

horsebox conversion , horse box bar

There are literally hundreds of food truck builders.

so why karpatia?

  • Karpatia provides the best quality-to-value ratio in the industry. From 100% made in the USA, to high end European classics and authentic conversions, we can do it all.

  • With Karpatia, you have an endless amount of possibilities. We will provide you with the best kitchen equipment and customizations such as full body wrap or painting. Working with us is fast and easy!

  • We also provide additional services to help you get started – from financing to food truck websites. We want to see you succeed, which is why we offer many options in hopes it will help your business be successful. 

extra services

  • pre-configured

    It might be your first horsebox conversion, but it’s not ours. From coffee to crêpes and more, we have a basic plan to get you rolling quicker.

  • financing

    No cash, no problem! Get pre-qualified by our finance partners or see if we can negotiate a more affordable loan option through our factory financing. If you can put up a deposit or trade in your old model, that’s even better – we’ll find a way to work together. 

    Financing is possible for both new and used models.

  • website included

    Starting a new business or doing a major upgrade?

    We include our deluxe Food Truck Website package with any purchase of a trailer, allowing you to shine as brightly online as offline.

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Yes, all our used trailers are completely scrubbed of any horse-traces and will pass a health department or local equivalent inspection, however note that most horse trailers we make are built from scratch – never having seen a horse.

Yes, all our horsebox conversions are braked trailers.

Most horseboxes are made from wood, steel, aluminum, and various plastics.

We keep the full loaded weight with all equipment inside under 3.5 tons so customers in the UK, EU, and USA can drive the trailer with a regular license.

Prices start at approximately $25.000 for a 11×5 ft horsebox conversion without any equipment. This includes the horsebox being provided by us.

For a detailed breakdown of the price, please request a quote for your specific build.

Glad you asked – in most of the US and EU you will not need a special license for the horsebox if it is under 3.5 tons.

In the UK, the answer is of course more complicated. So complicated in fact, the UK government has published a 25-page horsebox guide. The short answer is yes, you need a license.


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