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Easy to use, with everything you need and very easy and low cost to set-up and maintain. Running your business is enough work as it is – the website should not add to that. We consider it part of our customer success efforts. Having your own website will allow you display your menu and extend your brand onto the digital front.
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Karpatia Trucks is a leading provider of mobile food solutions, from carts and trailers to containers and food trucks, offering a quality product for any budget.

A frequently spotted failing and mentioned desire of independent food truck owner-operators, is their lacking digital presence. So we decided to help you build the ultimate food truck website.

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what we offer


    Ensuring that your website has all the components that will make the online presence of your business match your real life passion.


    After the build, we give you the keys so you can edit your site through our user-friendly dashboard.


    We’ll make sure your website is always up and running. Should any issues happen, we’re on it immediately to get you back online.


    All of our websites come SEO optimized to ensure they are accessible on the web.

ready to boost your brand with more visitors?

Karpatia Trucks offers to help you build your food truck website because we want to give you your best shot at accomplishing your dream. While one of our beautiful food trucks can help attract customers, marketing yourself with a new website can ensure that customers keep coming to you and have a place to learn about you!

Food truck websites generally cost between $2,500 and $4,500, depending on the amount of pages and intensity of the design.

Having your own website will allow new customers to find your business on search engines, display your menu, and accept contacts. Another great feature is putting your calendar up on the site – showing which events you’re going to be attending will make the organizers happy and also allow anyone considering booking you for a private event to drop by and have a tasting.

Because of the network effects and spin-off that this website generates for us and our partners. we can provide the site at a cost where a web design firm could not provide the same quality. And of course, we own and run several of the most successful sites in the food truck space as well as having made a TON of websites just for food trucks like you, from all over the world.

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